Brilliant banners, made by you.

Quick, quality banners.

After just one hour’s training, anyone can produce beautiful banners, including graphics, links and animation, all without specialist support.

There’s no compromise on style or quality. We’ve made the complicated simple, meaning you get your employer brand marketing messages online, fast.

No more waiting, no production queues, just full control.

With clients reporting incredible savings, as much £300k+ per year, its time to find out more.

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Animation, transition, fades, duration, all made easy.

You no longer need to rely on specialists to create your animated banners and buttons.

Papirfly makes it super simple to build expert banner campaigns in just a few intuitive steps.

Include graphics. Add a frame. Change the web link. Reduce the duration. Re-size.

All very simple to do and after just one hour of training. Join companies like PMI, BP and Covance. Enjoy incredible time and cost efficiencies. No compromise, no waiting and no more production invoices!


How it works.

Papirfly was developed to make the complicated simple. It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

It works using highly sophisticated templates. If you can use Powerpoint and Word, you can use Papirfly!

We work with you and your creative agency to understand the specific nuances, rules and flexibility of your employer brand and then we build custom templates that lock down the key elements, ensuring only the correct layout, fonts, images etc are used, thereby making it so simple for you to produce and distribute your own banner campaigns.

Speed and quality guaranteed.

Using Papirfly’s highly intelligent templates, accessible via any browser, you can produce beautiful banner marketing. You can enjoy creative flexibility changing sizes, languages, images, text, fonts and adding links, all within pre-agreed boundaries, ensuring consistency and brand compliance, every time.

Papirfly makes it easy to build, preview, test and distribute all banner campaigns, in any language, always in the right format, always to expert standards.

Share, support and inspire.

Given the right user permissions, you can review, edit, share and re-use current, previous and pending banner campaigns. This creates a collaborative, supportive environment for you and your global teams and regions to enjoy. It also saves on duplicated effort too.

Plus you get the added benefit of a birds eye view of all activity and you can print reports and research what is working well and why.

Cost and time savings.

No more production invoices.

No more waiting in agency queues.

Empower your teams, become nimble and responsive.

Get messages to market fast.

Repurpose budgets, invest in more tactical and strategic initiatives.