A simple process to benefit you.

Excellent customer service, every time

Communication and simplicity is key.

That’s why we start with a kick-off meeting to go through the implementation process with all
stakeholders, outlining individual requirements and timeframes.

It makes for a straightforward and enjoyable process, one that contains 4 key phases, outlined in detail below.

We’ve delivered Papirfly hundreds of times, so we’re confident you’ll find the process surprisingly easy.

It’s quick too, usually taking just 6-8 weeks after phase 1 has been finalised.

First, let us demo and show how we can help you transform your employer brand, for good.


Phase 1 - Scope

Using our tried and tested methodology, we work together to define your exact specification, agreeing what steps are required to get us from a/now to b/launch.

This involves assessing what education content, assets and templates you require to deliver your unique employer brand, simply and easily, in any language across all your global regions.

We advise on what content could feature in the education channel and we co-ordinate with your creative agency to gather all the necessary assets and understand the specific nuances and rules of your employer brand.

Once the scope is defined, we deliver a specification document, which includes a project plan.

Once this is agreed and signed off, we move to the next stage.


Phase 2 - Development

Our talented team of developers work on the specification, ensuring they meet your exact requirements, including every rule and detail to ensure employer brand compliance.

Once your custom Employer Brand Portal is developed, our project manager takes you through a thorough review, giving you ample opportunity to provide any amends according to the scope.

Only when you are fully satisfied, do we move on to the next phase.


Phase 3 - Testing & Training

You need to have full confidence in Papirfly, that it’s free of technical glitches and easy for your global teams to use.

During this phase, we rigorously assess and test the system, plus we train your users online in one hour, to make sure they’re confident and ready to get started. Papirfly is so intuitive and easy to use, it really does take just one hour to learn how to produce expert standard employer brand marketing, across all print and online media channels. No specialist skills required.