Papirfly = Paper plane in Norwegian

What's in a name?

Of course, we're tempted to talk about how business is soaring, how we're flying high with 200+ clients and 6000+ users worldwide. But the real reason the name remains apt is because, like a paper plane, we're all about making the complicated simple. And the reason we're enjoying so much success, working with some of the world's best loved brands, is because our unique technology delivers on every single promise.


Promises, promises:

If you can use Word or Excel, you can use Papirfly, no problem.

You can create beautiful agency standard print and online marketing, after just 1 hour of training. You will save money as soon as you start using Papirfly, potentially £100k++ per year. You will save time as soon as you start using Papirfly, potentially 1000s of hours per year. Your global teams will love it. It's so simple to use, it's just the tool they need to deliver amazing results. You'll be surprised how simple the implementation process is. Trust us, we've done it 100s of times.

You won't look back. That's why we've got a 100% retention rate. The technology is world-class. We've passed the most stringent of tests, as you'd expect given our client base. There's no one else who can offer and deliver what we do, with our employer brand expertise. And yes, we promise to keep our promises!

It's time to find out more. Let us show you how we're changing the face of employer brand activation.

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