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Papirfly, pronounced Paper-fly, has really taken off.

Papirfly started with one simple idea.

In 2000 Per, our founder, had a vision to build a web-based solution to enable everyone to create their own marketing without specialist support. And so, Papirfly was born.

It cleverly manages marketing complexities in a very easy way, giving marketeers the tools they need to produce their own solutions in-house, without a single compromise.

In 2008, Per brought the product from Norway to the UK, where he met Phil Owers.

Here's what he has to say... 



Phil Owers, CEO, Employer Branding

PO 1263

I spent 17 years at a leading specialist Global Recruitment Marketing Agency, helping some of the world’s best known global employer brands attract and retain the very best talent.

I gained a fantastic insight into the specific nuances of Employer Branding, the challenges and solutions, and got a real understanding of the hard work that goes into the development of a unique Employer Brand.

However, it became clear that once the employer brand was activated, through print and online marketing channels, there were insufficient means by which to control and govern it and protect the huge investment that had been made.

Often if not always, the Employer Brand was inconsistently applied, weakening it's impact and damaging the company's overall credibility.

In 2007, I came across Papirfly AS, a Norwegian company. They had created an extremely intuitive web based brand marketing software solution. I was convinced it could add enormous value to the Employer Brand community.

So, in 2008, I founded Papirfly Ltd. My aim was to focus on Employer Brand activation and take the technology to global organisations. Now clients such as BP, Capital One, Citi, Compass Group, Credit Suisse, Ferrero, Goldman Sachs, IHG, Philip Morris International, P&G, Rolls Royce, Unilever and many, many more benefit from our ground-breaking Employer Brand solutions.

We guarantee Employer Brand consistency, no mistakes, no compromises. Employer Brand activation exactly as it should be. Plus we save literally £100,000s and 1000s of hours for our clients per year. Some are saving upwards of £350k per year.

We do not charge production per item. Instead our clients pay an annual licence fee and the more they use Papirfly, the more they save. It’s so effective, we are often invited into other areas of the business, for example corporate marketing, internal comms, even Health and Safety. We also work with Retail clients too. The applications for Papirfly are endless.

However, our expertise is in Employer Branding and that is why we are proud to be the only solution provider offering our unique Employer Brand Portal, helping our clients take control and after just one hour of training, use Papirfly to produce their own expert online and print marketing.

If you use an external supplier to produce more than 12.5 items per month, across all of your global offices, that’s 12.5 items combined, then you will definitely save money and 100s of hours using Papirfly.

We’re not stopping here either. We have some exciting innovations and partnerships in the pipeline, including an exclusive forum where we will bring together a limited number of global employer brand leaders to share ideas and insights, benefitting from meaningful peer to peer advice and recommendations. Contact me, if you wish to find out more.

And I’d love to demo to you, show you how our brilliant clients are saving time and money, reinvesting their savings into tactical and strategic solutions that will really make a difference, rather than spend on the humdrum of production.

Papirfly takes less than two months to implement. Imagine that. Just think what your Employer Brand could achieve.

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