A brilliantly simple employer brand portal.

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Your marketing, made by you.

We work with global companies and make it possible for them to produce their own employer brand marketing, in any language, at any time, without the use of specialists.

That’s every social media post, flyer, brochure, HTML email, animated banner and more, made simply, without agency support. All guaranteed to be brand compliant. All made to an expert standard after just one hour of training.

The Employer Brand portal is incredibly empowering. The last two audits showed we saved one global company £335k in 10 months and another £280k in one year.

Plus 1000s of hours.

Imagine how you could repurpose your budgets and resources. No more production invoices, just huge cost and time savings.

Join BP, Citi, Credit Suisse, Ferrero, Goldman Sachs, Mars, Pfizer, PMI, P&G,
Rolls-Royce, Unilever and more.
Use our market leading Employer Brand Portal and improve the way you control and activate your employer brand, forever.


The Employer Brand Portal can save £300k and 1000+ hours per year. Proven results.

The Employer Brand Portal has three channels, making it possible to: 1. Educate your global teams on every facet of your employer brand. 2. Store every asset and campaign for review and re-use. 3. Produce and distribute brand compliant Print and Online marketing, fast.

Find out how the Employer Brand Portal’s Educate and Store, Social Media, Print, HTML and Banner features work.

If you produce just 12.5 items a month globally, Papirfly guarantees to save you time and money.

Brand Portal

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Social media

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HTML email

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Web banners

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All of our core products, in one simple package.

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Marketing is a contest for people’s attention. That’s why we continually evolve our technology. We want to make sure you stay ahead.


Inline editing

Now it's even easier to create new content. Using the inline editor to type changes directly onto a web page, without using the admin site. View changes immediately, enjoy even greater efficiencies!


We’re always seeking ways to further enhance our fantastic security record. For example, we offer single sign on, as it improves productivity and makes it easier for users.

HTML5 Banners

Papirfly will soon launch an HTML5 banner builder, making it possible to create and publish expert HTML5 banners in different sizes, including graphics and effects, all in a few easy steps.